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Using the web for effective long-term collaboration has been an elusive goal. We’ve found that a simple, standards-based approach works best.

Our web-based collaborative tools have been used for over a decade by public and private research teams. We host and continually refine the FlexKB software for our clients. Each client has a private site (or sites) dedicated to their exclusive use. All server and user administration is provided by Cornerstone Systems Northwest.

With the FlexKB, your group can:

  • Manage a project (research, software, administrative)
  • Gather project requirements
  • Document experience
  • Build consensus
  • Share knowledge
  • Develop guidelines
  • Build custom solutions to your group’s challenges

Every group’s needs are different and a good Knowledge Management tool will adapt to those needs. Cornerstone’s FlexKB product features an XML-based document format system that allows groups to design their own document types if the built-in templates do not meet their needs. Once those document types are established, new services can be built around them.

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