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Cornerstone provides analysis and builds client-directed tools that support the decision maker with data-driven comparative clarity, accurate context, and realistic measures of uncertainty among multiple competing strategies.  

Good decision making involves many factors – not all of which are data-based. However, if the decision maker is well supported on the data front, the qualitative aspects of the decision become easier to address. Good decisions are made by the careful weighing of many factors including risk, opportunity, cost, uncertainty, and the relative effectiveness of competing strategies. Good decision tools support the process without dictating or providing a facade of certainty where none exists. Cornerstone Systems delivers such tools in forms and formats best suited to the client’s needs.

Recent Project Include:

  • Cost effectiveness analysis for both drugs and treatments
  • Web-based decision tools for patients with genetic propensity for breast cancer
  • Simulation models for the comparison of competing treatment pathways for lung cancer
  • Support and authorship of peer-reviewed papers on the relative impact of healthcare interventions
  • Analysis in support of resource allocation for national pipeline safety programs

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