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The reach of the world-wide web makes it an attractive tool for data collection. However, the realities inherent in securely collecting data in connection-hostile environments on multiple platforms and devices can be daunting. Cornerstone Systems builds flexible, reality-infused data collection tools that really work.

The solutions we provide for our client’s data collection challenges go well beyond the common web-survey and deal with real-world aspects of complex data collection instruments, disconnected use, changing protocols, and strict privacy and accessibility standards. Going far beyond once-and-done exit surveys and opinion polls, our solutions adapt to inevitable changes in technology and mission and live long-term to collect rich temporal data sets for ongoing analysis and decision support.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Patient-facing, scientific web-based surveys
  • Team-based pipeline inspection support with complete disconnect/sync capabilities for remote location use.
  • Simulation model decision support effectiveness survey

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