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About Us

Based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Cornerstone Systems Northwest Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide web-application development services to research and industry. Since then we have served both public and private industry clients including: The National Cancer Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University Of Washington, Stanford University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Allergan Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, the US Department of Transportation, and the US Department of Health and Human Services. We excel at delivering enterprise-level, standards-based web applications to the desktops of our clients with maximum value and in concert with the client’s own internal IT resources. We also provide software development expertise to development teams both in the US and Canada, and abroad.

Lauren Clarke

Over a decade ago, Lauren started Cornerstone Systems with a background in health-science microsimulation modeling and a passion for developing decision support tools. Since then he has enjoyed working with both clients and staff, delivering web-based knowledge management and decision support tools. His technical passions include modeling, data visualization, and software design. He also enjoys fishing, recreational running and helping his wife Mary Ann in the garden. The Clarke family includes seven children augmented by a dog, three cats, three goldfish and, at times, assorted amphibians found in the yard. All reside in Lynden, WA.

John Clarke
Academic Projects Director

John graduated from Concordia University in Montreal in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce specializing in Operations Management and Information Systems. He graduated from the University of Montreal’s Computer Science and Operations Research department with a M.Sc. in 2016. John has worked with CSNW since 2000. He has international work experience in Canada, the United Kingdom, Burkina Faso, Papua New Guinea, and the DR Congo and has developed a passion for developing practical decision support tools for the international scientific and humanitarian communities.

Paul Jordan
Technical & BizOps Director

Paul began as Technical Director at CSNW in October 2012 after leaving the senior engineering team at a major insurance corporation. Paul also has the distinction of being the very first student intern at CSNW more than a few years ago. He has twelve years of experience in IT administration, IT standards compliance, streamlining operations, and performing data analysis and processing. With expertise in Windows network security and UNIX administration, Paul is skilled in web application diagnostics, scripting and automation, and IIS & application servers. He lives with his wife, Emily, in Western Washington, where they enjoy many scenic hikes and walks. Paul is a bit of a board game geek and appreciates some of the more involved ones like Settlers of Catan.

Janeal Arnhart
Program Administrator

Janeal joined the CSNW team in 2017 and handles all things secretarial. She is happy to be monitoring the multitude of small administrative tasks so that the rest of the team can program and code away to their heart’s content. With her free time, Janeal enjoys getting away from technology by going outside and being active, planting sunflowers, playing the piano, eating unusual and healthy foods, and spending time with her siblings. She comes from Bellingham, WA.

Allen Briggs
Software Developer

Allen joined CSNW in 2014 as a Software Developer with experience in various disciplines including e-commerce, ERP systems development, SAN administration, IT support, web and mobile application development, consumer electronic development and print/graphic design.  After a short term in the USAF, Allen earned a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science as well as a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management.  While pursuing his Masters Degree, Allen helped build an online presence for an international distribution company by building e-commerce systems and mobile applications for emerging fitness products.  Although Allen is a technology hobbyist, he spends most of his free time exploring nature and having fun outdoors with his wife and children in Durham, NC.

Michael Dudley
Research Data Analyst

Michael has been a Research Data Analyst at CSNW since 2007. He has over nineteen years experience working with complex data systems in the arenas of pipeline safety and healthcare. His areas of focus have been ETL processes for large and small data sets for purposes of building analytical datasets and producing statistical analysis and reporting tools. Proficient in multiple data manipulation languages including SQL, SAS and VFP, Michael provides vital analytic experience to interdisciplinary research teams. Michael makes his home in Seattle, WA, and enjoys taking part in the city’s vibrant music scene both as a performer and listener.

Zachary Dodge
Software Developer

Master’s Degree in Mathematics in 2019. He joined CSNW in 2019 as a Software Developer. When Zach isn’t doing Abstract Algebra or programming his computer to play a game for him, you may catch him playing piano, unicycling, reading, or spending time with his wife Michelle.

Thomas Frearson
Senior Systems Administrator

Thomas started working for CSNW in March of 2014 as a Systems Administrator Intern. Just three short months later he graduated Bellingham Technical College with an Associate’s degree in Computer Network Technology and accepted a full time position as Junior Systems Administrator. From there, Thomas has moved up to his current position as Senior Systems Administrator. Thomas gained an interest in how computers work through playing video games and editing videos. He decided, after fixing many a roommate’s computer, this could become a career. When Thomas is not working, tinkering, or playing with computers, he enjoys taking long walks, bouldering, slacklining, and skiing.

Holly Harkener
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Holly originally hails from Texas and though she’s called Bellingham home for nearly 20 years, she still drops a ‘y’all’ into conversation now and then. She has an English degree from Drury University and a collection of graphic design skills – both get daily use. Her favorite things are writing, reading, and creating narrative and design solutions to communications challenges. When she’s not in front of a screen, Holly loves being outdoors, making things by hand, and spending time with her son.

Shaun Kester
Software Developer

Shaun took on the role of Software Developer at CSNW in 2008 and has eight years experience in web-based software development. His areas of focus have been both public and private web-based application development. He has also worked extensively with systems automation and programming in support of document management systems, medical patient tracking, online education, and compliance reporting for government-based standards auditing. Shaun’s hobbies include contributing to open source projects, reading, and tinkering with computer hardware. He lives in Keizer, OR.

David King
Systems Administrator

David was hired in 2019 as a System Administrator. He currently attends Bellingham Technical College, pursuing an Associate’s degree in Computer Network Technology. When David isn’t diving headfirst into a new technology, he can be found playing video games, guitar, or board games with his wife. He was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Julie Pretzlaff
Software Developer

Julie graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and spent several years working in international development and video production.  After serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, she found her way to software development and now enjoys using her skills to help others access and analyze information.  Though she grew up in the Midwest, she is now living closer to the mountains in Bellingham.  When not inside teaching workshops or studying something new for herself, Julie can be found outside hiking, camping, and mountain biking.

Peter Rust
Development Team Manager

Peter graduated from The Master’s College in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He started at CSNW in 2005 and is now a Development Team Manager. With ten years of experience in web-based software development, Peter’s areas of expertise include custom information and content management systems, cutting-edge web standards and technologies, user interface design, and cross-browser compatibility. His projects have included desktop and mobile inspection-support applications and microsimulation model user interfaces. Peter enjoys working with youth and writing science fiction. He lives in Bellingham, WA with his wife, Jessica, and their three sons, Jimmy, Owen, and Henry.

Stephen Schutt
Senior Software Developer

Stephen joined the CSNW team as a Senior Software Developer in September 2012. He has over eight years of experience herding cats and occasionally people through the MS stack. He has been known to travel where the wind blows and has found himself in strange places like Eastern Europe and Hollywood and now resides in the Pacific Northwest with a stack of three computers and an even taller stack of books.

Gavin Stuart
Systems Administrator Intern

Gavin was hired in 2019 as a System Administrator Intern. He has his Network+ Certification. Gavin was born and raised in Northwest Washington. He currently lives with his family in Bellingham, WA. Gavin discovered his love of working on computers after reading a book on cyber security from the local library. When he is not tinkering with computers, he is doing schoolwork, reading, and playing baseball with friends.